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On the way to 7000 m….this is how training looks in a laboratory in which we shall live for almost five weeks. Right now we are living at 13,5% oxygen – which makes climbing on our rolling climbing wall pretty anaerobic (13,5% oxygen corresponds with an altitude of roughly 3.600 m). Two days ago, @NancyJHansen and I moved into a laboratory in Cologne, Germany to take part in an interesting hypoxia study conducted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The assumption: Although extreme oxygen deficiency threatens life, there could also be a positive effect on the body. Experiments with mice indicated that the heart muscle recovered from an artificially provoked heart attack when the animals were exposed for two weeks to oxygen deficiency corresponding to conditions at 7,000 m. Now it is to be tested whether this effect also occurs in humans. For this purpose Nancy and I -as the subjects of the pilot study- first have pre-acclimatize in Switzerland, and now are in this hypoxia chamber here in Cologne. For the first two weeks, the simulated altitude will be increased from 3,600 to 7,000 m by adding nitrogen and thus slowly lowering the oxygen concentration to eight percent (it is 21% at sea level). Over the last two weeks, we will live at the equivalent of 7,000 m. For a 2nd study, an experienced mountaineer is being sought as test person. He or she should have already stayed at elevations higher than 7,000 meters, and have suffered a heart attack. He/she will spend two weeks in severe hypoxic conditions – of course assuming he/she is well recovered from the heart attack. . . . . . . . #️⃣: @germanaerospacecenter #hypoxia #envihab @lowa.outdoor #expeditions @awesome_nepal #science @mounteverestofficial #sciences #himalaya #sciencelab #laboratory #medicalstudy #lovelowa @komperdell_official #komperdell #Schöffel #oxygendeficiency #DKTM #highaltitudeclimbing #expedition #highaltitude #himalaya #hypoxia #hypoxiatraining #8000 #8000er #mounteverest #everest #medicalexperiments #mri #medicalresearch #research

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